About This Course

In the Worship Essentials Class students will learn how to connect with God in the most practical way and eliminate feelings that God doesn’t love you the way He loves others. You may feel left out, overlooked, invisible to God, and oftentimes, even invisible to others. That’s not God’s plan for you!

Have you ever been standing in a worship service where people around you are clearly enthralled in the Presence of God, and you aren’t feeling a thing? Or you’re seeing the favor of God being poured out upon other believers' lives, but not your own?  

Do you feel like you must be missing something important regarding having a real relationship with God?  You go to church, you read your bible, pray, sing worship songs at church and you even sing them all week long, but you’re still not having glorious experiences with God like some others you know are having, and you don’t understand why they’re experiencing God’s favor and you're not. It has left you feeling robbed, somehow.

With no clear understanding about what true worship is, you can never move past these awful feelings and experiences and into the glory of knowing and experiencing Him daily.

This class will help you to understand what worship is and how to successfully posture yourself to be a true worshipper, in accordance with what God requires.

You will learn about the following topics:

  1. What Is Worship?
  2. What Is God’s Will?
  3. What A Living Sacrifice Looks Like
  4. Using Your Gifts & Talents
  5. The Power of & The Hindrances to Worship
  6. The Anointing
  7. The Power of Anointed Worship
  8. Corporate Worship

You don’t have to wait any longer to begin experiencing God’s Presence and favor!  Take this class today and enjoy the blessings of knowing Him experientially, 

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