About This Course

The Elementary Principles of Christ Course Intensive eliminates a lot of common confusion in the Body of Christ about eternal salvation and what God will require of us on the day of Judgement.

Have you ever had the opportunity to minister salvation to someone and found yourself at a loss of where to begin? Maybe you were at a neighbor’s house for dinner and they asked you a question about salvation, or eternity with God, and you found yourself unable to answer the question. You left there doubting yourself and wondering “why has no one taught me this?” Then you had guilt-ridden thoughts for days afterward.

If you don’t know enough to confidently share salvation with others, then you very likely don’t know enough about your own salvation. 

Imagine being certain you are well-prepared and confidently able to share with others!

In this course I will equip you with line-upon-line teaching which will eliminate your confusion!  

Teachings include…

  • Repentance from Dead Works
  • Faith Toward God
  • The Doctrine of Baptisms
  • The Laying on of Hands
  • Resurrection from the Dead
  • Eternal Judgement

Don’t let the knowledge that’s been withheld from you in the past continue to hinder you!

Elementary Principles of Christ Course Intensive is the most comprehensive discipleship course available to the people of God, at any place in their walk with God. With all 6 doctrines having 3 lessons each, that’s over 20 hours of transformative teachings!

Translated from the Greek, “Elementary Principles” means, “the 1st of the 1st in a series of 1st teachings”. You will learn that according to Hebrew 6:1&2, these Elementary Principles of Christ doctrines ought to not only be among the very first, but should be the very first doctrines that every believer should be taught! 

Are you ready to learn the foundational truths that will successfully prepare you for Judgement Day? Change your life and enroll today!

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