About This Course

The Bible Class provides students with a clear understanding about the integrity of the Bible so that they can begin to experience more of God’s blessings and peace in their life and put an end to feelings of helplessness and despair. 

 If you’ve spent any time contemplating the accuracy of scripture, then you’ve likely had few life experiences where God has done for you what He has done for others in scripture. You may be asking yourself why other Christians around you seem to receive God’s favor and blessing, having their prayers answered and even enduring their trials with great peace, and you just can’t seem to get to that place of walking in His victory, no matter how desperately you long for it.

These things will only continue to sow doubt in your heart. Until you’re confident that God Himself is the author of every word of scripture, you will continue to experience little to no victory in your life and even your very faith in God will be at stake.

This class on The Bible will help provide you with the assurance necessary to put your faith into action, helping you to confidently trust God and His written Word, regardless of your life’s circumstances, giving you great peace and opening you up to receive the promises of God that He has in store for your life.  

In this class you will learn about:

  • His Authorship
  • The Authority of the Word
  • The Accuracy of the Word
  • The People Who God Used to Write It
  • and The Process of Canonization and Composition of the Bible

Are you ready to arm yourself with the truth about the Bible that will protect your faith in God? You can absolutely experience His promises personally and walk in the victory that God has for you! 

Click the "enroll" button and get ready to grow confident in His Word today! 

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